Cat Treats

To give your cat a treat for good behaviour just because you want to let them know that you care and we have a huge range in stock. We have cat treats from brand names such as: Mark & Chappell, Johnsons, Good Girl, Beapher and more. If you want to get your cat some catnip to send him or her crazy we have plenty of treats that contain this. We also have: milk treats, treats made from different me, treats that are especially for kittens, treats that are designed to improve their health and condition of your cats teeth and coat, treats to ease hairballs and much more. So if you want to make sure that the treats that you are giving your cat are the very best and will help them to remain healthy, take a look at our fantastic range and you will soon find something suitable.
Good Girl Cat Treat Ball Out of stock
Dreamies Cheese Cat Treats
Dreamies Turkey Cat Treats
Dreamies Salmon Cat Treats
Dreamies Beef Cat Treats
Dreamies Duck Cat Treats
Dreamies Chicken Cat Treats
Dreamies Tuna Cat Treats
Webbox Salmon And Trout Sticks
Webbox Chicken And Liver Sticks
Mark And Chappell Hairball Cat Treats
Beaphar Hairball Easy Treat
Good Girl Kitty Grass
Trixie Herbal Catnip
Good Girl Milk Drops Out of stock
Trixie Valerian Spray
Trixie Catnip Spray