Cat Toys

All cats love to play and to give them a really fun playtime we have a variety of different cat toys. You can choose from: toys balls in a range of sizes, cat tunnels for cats who love to play hide and seek, treat balls which you can put tasty treats in, fur mice that you can play with your cat with, teasers for cats who love to jump and catch, catnip mice which cats all love, plush bags for your cat to play and sleep in, dangling toys in a large range of shapes and sizes and play mice. In fact we have a toy that is right for any cat or kitten. So if you want to make sure that your cat is always occupied and is less likely to scratch and bite your furniture, shoes and other items get them a toy or two and they will be really happy.
Fur Ball Cat Toy
Catch The Light Pointer Cat Toy
Trixie Feather Teaser
4 Rubber Hedgehog Balls
Trixie Fleece Cat Play Tunnel
Trixie Herbal Catnip
Trixie Valerian Spray
Trixie Catnip Spray
Sponge Balls Cat Toy Out of stock
Good Girl Cat Treat Ball Out of stock
Trixie Cat Rustling Tunnel
Plush Cat Roller With Mouse
Trixie Plush Crunch Cat Tunnel
Fur Ball On Elastic
Hedgehog Ball Cat Toy
Trixie Leather Teaser
Catch The Mouse Cat Toy