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We can provide you with everything you need to care for your pet dog, such as: crates and cages for dogs, flea treatments, chews for dogs, bedding, toys for dogs, accessories for feeding, treats and food specifically for your dog, collars, leads, bowls, items for the garden, medical treatments, muzzles and much more. All of the items that we stock and sell are brought to you at the very best prices around.

Portable Pet Water Bottle
£ 3.49

Portable Pet Bottle

This drinking bottle is a practical water dispenser when travelling, hiking or on long walks.

Lactol Feeding Set
£ 3.79

Lactol Feeding Set

Lactol Feeding Set is an ideal addition to the Lactol range of milk powder.

Tick Tweezer
£ 3.29
1 review

Tick Tweezers

These tick tweezers have a non-slip rubber coat and ensure easy tick removal.

Clean Green Dog Loo
£ 13.95
17 reviews

Clean Green Dog Loo

The Armitages Clean Green Dog Loo offers a natural, safe and easy way to dispose of and breakdown dog waste in your garden.

Good Boy Latex Face Balls
£ 1.99
9 reviews

Latex Face Ball

Squeeky soft latex ball with face!

Baskerville Muzzle
£ 6.49
1 review

Baskerville Muzzle

Humane, comfortable and safe. Permits panting and drinking.

Flexi Lead - Small 5m
£ 11.49

Flexi Small 5m

For dogs up to 12kg. Available in Black, Blue or Red.

Halti Headcollar
£ 8.99
15 reviews

Halti Headcollar

Stops dogs pulling on the lead - kindly.

Ancol Choke Chain - Medium
£ 2.15
2 reviews

Ancol Medium Choke Chain

Available in four weights and various lengths to suit most dog breeds.

Flexi Lead - Medium 5m
£ 12.99
1 review

Flexi Medium 5m

For dogs up to 25kg. Available in Black, Blue or Red.

Halti Link
£ 1.49
3 reviews

Halti Link

Attaches the Halti headcollar to a conventional collar for added security.

Pee Post
£ 6.99

Pee Post

Unique and patented product to encourage dogs and bitches to use one area as a toilet.

Gentle Leader Head Collar for Dogs
£ 9.99
23 reviews

Gentle Leader

Stops your dog pulling on the lead. Does not rub or cut in to your dog's face.

NEW Green-Um Tablets
£ 17.49£ 14.87
6 reviews

Green-um Tablets

Healthy food supplement to help prevent yellow spots occuring (lawn burn appearing on your grass).

Finger Toothbrush
£ 3.19

Finger Toothbrush

Pack of 2 finger toothbrushes for easy cleaning of teeth and oral cavity.

Twistables Rope Toy
£ 1.99
2 reviews

Twistables Tug Bone

Dog loves these rope toys and they help to keep teeth clean by their flossing action too!

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