Cat Bedding

To give your cat the very best night’s sleep you need to get the right bedding. We have a variety of cat beds and bedding suitable for cats on offer. You can choose between cradles that can be put over radiators, cat caves that are snug and warm, donut beds, pyramids and even orthopedic bedding that is great for old or overweight cats. For the ultimate in luxury why not get a box mattress with faux fur or a faux fur circular bed? One thing that is for certain, we have bedding that is right for every cat and every owner.
Canac Cat's Cradle
£ 16.99£ 14.99

Canac Cats Cradle Radiator Bed

A luxurious fur fabric stretched over an aluminium frame, designed to hang over a central heating radiator.

Original Vetbed Oval
£ 5.65£ 4.52
8 reviews

Vetbed Original Oval

Oval Vetbed Original available in White, Grey, Brown and Mink.

Non Slip Bedding
£ 14.35£ 11.48
4 reviews

Non-slip Fleece Vetbed

Ideal for use in cars, pet baskets and on shiny floors and tiles.

£ 19.95£ 16.56


Available in 4 sizes.

Pink Flectabed
£ 19.95£ 16.56
2 reviews

Pink Flectabed

Available for a limited time only.

43 items.

Vetbed original 20% off

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