Trixie Dog Car Harness


This Trixie Dog Car Harness can also be used as a standard harness. It is safe and comfortable and the adjustable short lead is already attached. For this purpose the lead, with which you fix the dog’s belt to the belt lock of your car, can be used as an infinitely adjustable short lead.

Safety harnesses are developed in order to protect dog and master. Your pet is protected during an accident or sudden braking. 

Available in the following sizes with the following stomach circumferences : 
Extra Small : 20 - 50 cm. Yorkshire Terrier size
Small : 30 - 60 cm. West Highland Terrier size
Medium : 50 - 70 cm. Border Collier size
Large : 70 - 90 cm. Labrador size
Extra Large : 80 - 110 cm. Bernese Mountain Dog size

Please note this car harness is not suitable for the following cars due to a different seatbelt design: Volvos, Fords, Saab 9-5, built in 2004.

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