Harkers Broncholin 100ml

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Broncholin has been tested and approved for use, and gives fast relief when treating mucus congestion in birds.

  • Licensed product containing Bromhexine Hydrochloride – a proven cure for treating mucus congestion
  • Fast relief for suffering pigeons
  • Treatment with Broncholin at the rate of 5ml/2 litres of drinking water for 5 days stimulates the cillia and thins the mucus allowing the airways to be cleared
  • One bottle will treat up to 200 birds
  • Do not use Harkers Broncholin within 72 hours prior to basketing

Mucus congestion in birds needs to be treated quickly. Caused by inflammation and irritation of the upper and lower respiratory tract and lungs. Mucus is created by the membranes of the respiratory tract to lubricate the airways and to help alleviate the irritation / inflammation. This mucus slows or stops the cilia in the respiratory tract from moving and so builds up and blocks the airways.

100ml bottle.

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