Small Animal Feeding Accessories

Feeding a small animal is a breeze when you have all the right accessories and we have everything that you would ever need to do this. Our range includes: ceramic dishes and bowls that are suitable for hamsters and other small animals – simply choose the dish or bowl with the animal design that is suitable, hay nests for hamsters which they can gnaw, hay racks, bottles for many different small animals that can easily be attached to their cages or tanks, Rotastack feeding dishes, metal dishes and more. Simply choose the product that is the most suitable for your pet and its home and you can order from us in no time. All of our products are durable and safe to use and will last you and your pet for many years to come, so see what we have to offer you.
Trixie Metal Hay Rack
Ceramic Bunny Rabbit Bowl
Stainless Steel Hamster Bowl
Guinea Pig Bowl With Motifs
Ceramic Rabbit Bowl With Motifs
Ceramic Hamster Dish With Motifs
Ceramic Guinea Pig Bowl Out of stock
Ceramic Hamster Dish Out of stock