Cat Mate Cat Flap Adapter Kit

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The Cat Mate Cat Flap Adapter Kit allows for the following Cat Mate Cat Flaps to be fitted into walls and glass panels:

Microchip cat flap Ref. 360
Timer control cat flap Ref. 359
4 Way rotary lock cat flap Ref. 358.

Important : For wall installation, the Cat Mate Elite wall liners (Ref. 308) will be required - available seperately. See chart below for number of wall liners required :

Wall thickness for Microchip cat flap:
85-135mm, 1 liner
up to 185mm, 2 liners
up to 235mm, 3 liners
up to 285mm, 4 liners
up to 335mm, 5 liners

Wall thickness for Timer control and 4 way rotary cat flaps:
51-100mm, 1 liner
101-150mm, 2 liners
151-200mm, 3 liners
201-250mm, 4 liners
251-300mm, 5 liners

Use an additional liner for each 50mm of wall thickness.

Colour : white.

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