Clean Green Dog Loo

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The Clean Green Dog Loo for the garden has the following special features:

  • Unique twist-lock lid keeps dog waste safe from children and pets in the garden
  • The Dog Loo includes a supply of Bioactivator Capsules to break down dog waste safely using specially formulated natural enzymes
  • The unit is simple to install and use
  • A scoop is included for the hygienic disposal of waste
  • The circular shape allows waste to be flushed away cleanly and easily
  • Suitable for large and small dogs
  • Ideal for use all year round
  • Helps to eliminate odours and repel flying insects

Q. What does the dog loo do?
A. With just a small dose of Bioactivator each week and the addition of water, the Clean Green Dog Loo breaks down dog waste and flushes it safely into the surrounding rocks and soil. Suitable for large and small dogs and also cats.

Q. Why should I have a Clean Green Dog Loo?
A. Dog mess can spoil your enjoyment of your garden. Not only is it unsightly and smelly but it can also, in rare cases, lead to contraction of diseases which can cause blindness. Research has shown that children are particularly at risk from this disease.

Q. What do I get with my Clean Green Dog Loo?
The Clean Green Dog Loo is a circular green container comprising a large unit with drainage slots which fits onto the top of a small bucket and is closed using a unique twist-lock lid to keep the dog waste safe from children and pets. It comes complete with a scoop and a supply of Bioactivator Capsules.

Q. How do I install it?
Dig a hole 60cm (24") diameter by 70cm (27") deep. Fill the bottom of the hole with approximately 35cm (14") of large stones, broken bricks etc. to ensure good drainage. Assemble the unit and place it in the prepared hole filling the surrounding gap with more stones.

Q. Is it difficult to use?
No, just pour a 10ml Bioactivator Capsule into the Clean Green Dog Loo every week to break down the waste naturally. As soon as the unit requires emptying, simply flush it through with two buckets of clean water and the dissolved waste will drain through the slots into the surrounding rocks and soil.

Q. Is dog waste dangerous?
Yes, leave it on the ground and the chances are someone will have an unpleasant accident. Or worse, they could even suffer blindness through contracting the disease Toxocariaris. The instances of this disease are very rare, but nevertheless the danger should not be ignored. The new twist-lock lid will help to keep dog waste safe from children and pets.

Q. Does the Clean Green Dog Loo smell?
No, the high performance Bioactivator contains a deodorant, which eliminates any foul odours and helps to repel flying insects.

Q. Will the Clean Green Dog Loo affect the plants in my garden?
No, it can be right in among plants without any adverse effect on them.

Train your dog to "go" in their favourite area in the garden before going walkies. here's how:

Step 1: Install the Clean Green Dog Loo near to your dog's favourite area
Step 2: Decide on a word or short phrase that you can use. Something like "time to go" is ideal
Step 3: Take your dog into the garden first thing in the morning and after meals and use your special phrase as your dog relieves itself
Step 4: Praise your dog, perhaps giving it a treat. Then scoop up the waste into the Clean Green Dog Loo. Your dog will soon "go" on command.

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