Kong Classic Toy Red


Kong Toy Red is the original Kong Toy, recommended by vets and animal behaviourists worldwide.

Made from natural rubber which is remarkably elastic and withstands tough chews.

The unique shape of the Kong toy produces an entertaining, irregular bounce to satisfy hunting instincts as your dog chases the toy.

Kong toy can also be stuffed with tasty treats, Kong stuff 'n paste or your own recipe.

Kongs can be filled and then frozen to give your dog a cooling treat.

Red Kong toy is available in the following sizes :
Small : Height 7cm, Widest part 5cm - Dogs up to 9kg
Medium : Height 9cm, Widest part 6cm - Dogs 7-16kg
Large : Height 11cm, Widest part 8cm - Dogs 13-30kg
Extra Large : Height 13cm, Widest part 9cm - Dogs 27-41kg
XXL : Height 15cm, Widest part 10cm - Dogs 35+ kgs.

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