Stool Repel-Um Tablets


Stool Repel-Um tablets are a coprophagia Aid.

Product features :

  • Non Toxic
  • Safe & Effective
  • Suitable for Puppies & Dogs
  • Helps Eliminate Stool Eating
  • Behaviour Aid

Pack contains 30 tablets.

Coprophagia is the practice of eating poo (faeces).

There’s nothing more disgusting to a dog owner than seeing their dog eat its own or another dog’s stool and then the dog saunters up all pleased with itself tail wagging looking for a kiss!

The Facts :
Coprophagia, however unpleasant, is not an abnormal behaviour for a dog. Bitches naturally consume their own pup’s faeces to keep the den clean and disease free and in the wild to stop unwanted attention from potential predators – with both reasons providing a survival benefit.
 Also, many puppies go through an oral stage in which they taste and explore everything with their mouths, sometimes ingesting a variety of non-food items, including faeces. This could also be a case of monkey see monkey do – copying the mother. As time goes by, the majority of pups eventually learn that food tastes better than faeces and they put an end to the poo-eating habit for the rest of their lives. Some older puppies may continue to eat faeces for a few months but most grow out of the habit after the first year. For those that don’t, it can be extremely distressing for the pet owner and unhygienic for the pet.

 Contributing Factors

  • The opportunity to observe the mother eating poo 
  • Irregular feeding schedule – dog gets hungry and is expecting food which is not forthcoming so finds something else to consume. 
  • Feeding inadequate amounts of food – dog is still hungry and will eat whatever is available. 
  • Under stimulating environment – dog gets bored and plays with or eats poo. 
  • Constant opportunity to ingest faeces – the toileting area needs to be cleaned regularly. 
  • Inadequate attention/supervison 
  • Feeding an overly rich diet which is not digested properly by the dog leading to tasty remains.

  This behaviour is quickly habit forming.

The use of M&C Stool Repel-UM Tablets in your pet’s daily diet will see miraculous results. Stool Repel-UM has been specially formulated to help deter this behaviour. When the active ingredients are ingested by your pet they become activated in the small intestine and will to produce a stool that is unpalatable to the offending dog.

 **Please bear in mind that Stool Repel-Um will not deter the eating of other dogs feaces on walks.