Dog Mate Small Dog Door (ref 221d)

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The Dog Mate Small Dog Door Ref 221D is suitable for cats and small dogs to 360mm (14") shoulder height (Yorkshire Terriers, Pekinese, Dachshund etc)

  • Self Lining to 50mm (2")
  • Can be fitted in wooden and upvc doors, panels and walls
  • For large cats and small dogs
  • Available in white only
  • 3 year guarantee
  • Spare flaps available
  • 4 Way locking system: In only - Out only - Locked - Unlocked

Overall Size: Width 235mm (9 1/4")  Height 252mm (10")

Cut Out Size:  Width  210mm (8 1/4")  Height 227mm (9")

This door is not suitable for fitting in glass.

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