Cat Scratching Posts

To prevent your cat from scratching your furniture you need to take a look at scratching posts. We have a range of items in stock which will keep your cat happy and entertained for hours. You can choose from traditional posts to climbers and cat scratching posts that are really fun to play with. Some of the scratchers have toys attached to them to give your cat even more fun and they are all really durable and tough. So if you want to avoid any damage caused by your cat you should get a scratching post and you will be able to keep your cat happy for hours.
Trixie Cat Scratch Mat
Trixie Espejo Cat Scratching Post
Trixie Valerian Spray
Trixie Altea Cat Scratching Post
Trixie Corner Cat Scratching Board
Trixie Baza Cat Scratching Post
Trixie Scratch Board / Roll
Trixie Inca Scratching Post Wave
Trixie Toldedo Cat Scratching Post
Parla Cat Scratching Post - Pet Stuff Online