Bird Toys

To keep your pet bird occupied you should provide it with toys that it can play with while it is in its cage. We recognise that keeping pets stimulated is incredibly important and as a result we have a large variety of different bird’s toys available. These include: plastic or wooden bird ladders that can be positioned anywhere inside your birdcage, bird's wings made from plastic, Olympic ring sets, budgies on a spring that are always a favourite, plastic backed mirrors, bells that can be hung from the bars in the cage and other assorted toys. So if you own a pet bird and you would like to make sure that you are giving it the very best entertainment possible take a look at some of the toys that we have on offer. Choose one or two and put them in your birdcage and see what a difference they can make.
Trixie Hanging Bird Toy
Wooden Parrot Ladder
Trixie Wooden Bird Ladder
Plastic Bird Ladder 8 Inch Out of stock