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Dried Mealworms 3 Litre

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Great source of highly nutritious protein for birds.
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Birds devour mealworms with great enthusiasm.

This is a great way to introduce those of you who have traditionally fed peanuts & seed, to the benefits of live foods.

The Dried Mealworms are a great source of highly nutritious protein for birds and they can be fed as a treat or mixed in with other foods all year round.

Since birds enjoy this food so much there is hardly any wastage.

It is always advisable to have a supply of fresh water available, taking care to break any ice in cold weather.

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I am very happy again with the service & the product, ie dried mealworms. They are very good value compared with other suppliers-this is the third lot I have had.
- Marilyn Viveash
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These worms are a treat for my chickens - they love them and they are extremely well priced.
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Very pleased with the service received. Very prompt delivery.
- Clive Mycroft
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Great food for all the thrush family - ideal to put out in the snow and rain, as they make a juicy treat! We now have a wee colony of 10 very grateful wrens keeping warm - and well-fed - in our roost box.
- Rona
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Good price and the birds just love them.
- Colin Richmond
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Excellent product. A small black cap has been over wintering in the area [Weston-S-M] and has been feeding on these quite happily. Excellent price.
- Robert
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The dried mealworm is well priced , cheaper than Garden Centres and is delivered to your door within a few days, I shall buy same product again. Thanks again
- Raymond LEWIS
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Very quick delivery and competitively priced
- Fran Lockhart
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Supa 3 Litre mealworms are brilliant value for money. Our family of hedgehogs love them.
- Annette
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Very pleased with product arrived very quickly. The local cat & birds love the mealworms!
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Very pleased with the service and would happily recommend. Chickens love the mealworms and have started laying again, hurrah!
- Sharon Jennings
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A great bargain sent out very efficiently- thanks again

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