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Dried Mealworms 10 Litre

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Great source of highly nutritious protein for birds.
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Birds devour mealworms with great enthusiasm.

This is a great way to introduce those of you who have traditionally fed peanuts & seed, to the benefits of live foods.

The Dried Mealworms are a great source of highly nutritious protein for birds and they can be fed as a treat or mixed in with other foods all year round.

Since birds enjoy this food so much there is hardly any wastage.

It is always advisable to have a supply of fresh water available, taking care to break any ice in cold weather.

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10 ltr container of Meelworms. Delivered quickly. Excellent value for money and the birds love them.
- Frank Tedeschi
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I can't say much more than the review below. Mealworms are mealworms and the birds love them. This bulk purchace is excellent value, I was paying £14:99 for 400g (How you change grams to a fuid measue is beyond me but there's certainly more than 3 x 400g tubs in this package), delivery was two days even though I didn't ask for Speedy or anything. All in all, good product, good value, excellent service.
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top class product, no mess, no fuss, no waste
- dave
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the dried mealworms are just what they are. excellent stuff at an excellent price, and my hedgehogs love it.
- sheila little
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I order mealworms for the hedgehogs and they will confirm that they are wonderful - and from my point of view, they are excellent value, and the service and delivery are first class.
- sheila l
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These must be the best value mealworms available.The delivery was very fast. Birds in my garden eat them like there is no tommorrow, we feed them all year round, also live ones during breeding season.
- Ian
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excellent product and value
- j brisco
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Very pleased with product and service. Thankyou
- Jane A
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good value in size and cost - this time of year I get through a lot of mealworms (not personally you understand but my garden birds do). Delivery was efficient too
- Esther
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Not the cheapest but the quality is good and the delivery turn round is excellent and the good arrive in good condition, unlike a previous supplier who was cheaper where the tubs had split open in transitr and been repacked with the wire worms along with the broken tubs in a plastic bag.
- James
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can't really review the product because Mealworms are Mealworms but this is excellent value for money and even though I didn't pay anything for a speedy delivery the carton arrived just 2 days after I placed the order. I've used PetStuff Galore before and found their service excellent.
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It's all been said before. You can't dispute the value for money (just compare a 400g tub in a pet shop) and even though I didn't pay extra for quick delivery they arrived in 2 days. More than happy.
- Gillie
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Fast, efficient service with good prices and products -therefore a regular customer.
- GH

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