Rotastak Cosmo Pod

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The complete living environment for hamsters, gerbils or mice.
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Product description

Rotastak Cosmo Pod - Complete home for Hamsters, Gerbils, Mice. 

Rotastak allows you to build a complete and extendable world for your pet.

By joining together the various homes, extensions and accessories in any combination you choose, the system can grow with your imagination! 

In this way, you can keep your pet exercised and amused with an endless variety of new tunnels, mazes and activities. Just look around our website for the great range of Rotastak products. 

This Rotastak unit provides the complete living environment for your hamster, gerbil or mouse. The wide variety of tubes, tunnels, extension units and accessories help to simulate their natural living conditions - and provide you with hours of fun and entertainment! 

Approximate assembled size: 

Height: 26cm/10"

Width: 48cm/19"

Depth: 28cm/11" 


Fully compatible with the rest of the Rotastak range.


A huge range of accessories always available. 


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