If you have a hamster, gerbil or mouse you might be interested in Rotastack products which are fantastic homes for small animals. Currently we have nine different main units in stock which include: a pink fun palace, adventure zone, creepy castle, space command, Maxi mansion, cosmo pod, a pink starter home, super pod and tunnel of fun. All of the Rotastack products are built to the highest standard and are totally safe for your small pet to live in. If you would like to expand your pets living and playing environment we also have many different add-ons such as tunnels and additional rooms which can be easily attached to another. In addition to this we also have toys which can be put inside the living units and feeding bowls and water bottles which you can purchase should you wish to.
Rotastak Adventure Zone V2
£ 59.95£ 38.97

Rotastak Adventure Zone v2

The Rotastak Adventure Zone provides a complete living environment for your Hamster, Gerbil or Mouse.

Rotastak Cosmo Pod
£ 24.99£ 16.24

Rotastak Cosmo Pod

The complete living environment for hamsters, gerbils or mice.

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