Fly Free

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An insecticidal spray to prevent fly strike, particularly in rabbits.
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Beaphar Fly Free

Flies can be a huge irritation to housed pets.
The attractive smells of food, bedding and warm fur lure them into hutches and runs.
More concerning than the annoyance these buzzing pests bring is the possibility that some types may lay their eggs in the animals fur, where they hatch out into tiny maggots.
These burrow beneath the skin, where they feed and grow.
This is known as fly strike, and can cause death from blood poisoning.
Rabbits are most often affected, but guinea pigs may also be struck.
Fly Free has a dual action; the active ingredient is known to be offensive to both flying and crawling insects. If they persist, and land on a treated animal, it is toxic to both the flies and their maggots.
As an added bonus, it is also effective against fleas and lice.
Contains Permethrin.

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