Some owners like to muzzle their dogs when they are talking them out for a walk and to help you with this we have two different types of muzzle in stock. You can choose from a nylon muzzle from Mikki that will keep your dog’s mouth closed but allow it to breathe with ease. Or you might want a traditional cage muzzle from Baskerville which is ideal for larger dogs that tend to want to open their mouths more when they are out. Both of these muzzles are very high quality and will not break while they are in use. This will give you total confidence while you are using them.
Baskerville Muzzle
£ 6.49
1 review

Baskerville Muzzle

Humane, comfortable and safe. Permits panting and drinking.

Mikki Muzzle
£ 8.99

Mikki Muzzle

A strong nylon muzzle which is soft and flexible and features adjustable straps with 'quick-fit' catch.

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