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Green-um Tablets

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Healthy food supplement to help prevent yellow spots occuring (lawn burn appearing on your grass).
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Product description

Does your dog's urine create yellow patches on your lawn? 

Green-UM is a healthy food supplement which contains B-Complex vitamins and amino acids to help prevent yellow spots occuring (lawn burn appearing on your grass). 

Green-UM Tablets can be used to control lawn burn. Green-UM has been specially formulated with a natural plant extract, which helps bind the ammonia present in pet waste. 

Green-UM Tablets neutralize the potential for high pH (alkaline) urine that can damage grass. By feeding Green-UM, the pH of the dog's urine should fall to within a level that does not contribute to lawn burn. 

This product performs best when administered with a protein controlled diet. 

Ingredients: Brewers Dried Yeast, Calcium Carbonate, DL-Methionine, Yucca Schidigera Extract, Natural Chicken Flavour, Silicon Dioxide. 

Suitable for all sizes of dogs. 

Dosage guide:

Tablets may be given directly to your dog or cat or crushed over food.

Pets weight range        NEW Formulation dosage

       0-10kgs                        1 tablet daily

      11-20kgs                       2 tablets daily

      21-30kgs                       3 tablets daily

      31-40kgs                       4 tablets daily

      41-50kgs                       5 tablets daily

      51-60kgs                       6 tablets daily


Always ensure fresh drinking water is available for your pet.

Available in tubs of 100, 175, 250, or 350 tablets.

Reviews (6)

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just about to start using this new formulation - the original works well - grass is much better looking
- ali h
(5 of 5)
Have used the site several times now. It is easy to find what your looking for and I have always experienced prompt delivery. Very competitively priced too!
(5 of 5)
Bought the biggest size as I have 2 large dogs,and need something to keep my lawn in good condition.
- Carol
(5 of 5)
Superb service, ordered goods one morning before going to work, they arrived next morning.
- Mrs Teresa Slevin
(5 of 5)
Green Ums - excellent product as we no longer have bronw stains on our lawn. We have a Mastif/Great Dane cross so you can imagine a lot of damage can happen in a very short time. Not any more!
- Liz Potter
(5 of 5)
good product - it works.
- rita b

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