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To get the most from your dog you will want to know where you can get the best remedies and supplements from. We stock over 40 different products that are designed with your dog’s health in mind. Choose from products that will keep your dog in perfect health, improve its coat and skin, calm your dog down on journeys, care for their joints, keep their ears clean and treat their coats with antibacterial products. So if you want to do the best for your dog choose a product that will boost their health and make them happy for years to come.
NEW Green-Um Tablets
£ 12.99£ 11.04
6 reviews

Green-um Tablets

Healthy food supplement to help prevent yellow spots occuring (lawn burn appearing on your grass).

Serene-um Drops
£ 8.99£ 8.09
1 review

Serene-um Drops

A nutritional supplement to calm and soothe hyperactivity, aggressiveness and nervousness.

Johnsons Garlic Tablets
£ 2.65
2 reviews

Johnsons Garlic Tablets

Natural herbal conditioner and internal cleanser for dogs and cats.

Vetzyme Tablets
£ 3.29

Vetzyme Tablets

Delicious treat without the concern of dogs being overweight. 98% fat free and free of artificial flavours.

Otodex Ear Drops
£ 3.99

Otodex Ear Drops

A fast acting formula to clear wax, relieve scratching and kill ear mites in dogs and cats.

Beaphar Lactol
£ 6.95

Sherleys Lactol

A milk food specially formulated for puppies, kittens and other small animals.

Johnsons Skin-Eze
£ 3.19

Johnsons Skin-eze

Aids relief of minor skin affections in dogs, cats, small animals and cage birds.

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