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Stops your dog pulling on the lead. Does not rub or cut in to your dog's face.
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The world's best selling headcollar 

Stops your dog pulling on the lead

  • Adjustable nose loop for a comfortable fit
  • Does not rub or cut in to your dog's face
  • Kind control & effective leadership
  • Soft strong nylon
  • Free training guide included

Available in BLACK or RED in 3 sizes  

Small - Westie, Yorkie, Jack Russell, Toy Poodle. (Also suitable for medium and large puppies) 

Medium - Labrador, Cocker and Springer Spaniels, German Shepherd, Boxer, Retriever, Doberman, Staffordshire Bull Terrier 

Large - Large German Shepherd, Large Labrador, Rottweiller, Great Dane, Newfoundland 

Bitches and smaller dogs may need a size smaller 

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BEAPHAR GENTLE LEADER Product as described and arrived quickly. This is my second Gentle Leader and I happily recommend them to anyone.
- V Rigby
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As described and well packed. Many thanks Ruth
- Fancy Dress Code
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Excellent bit of kit, exactly what I needed and delivered promptly
- Alan Hughes
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Brilliant leader .. i can now walk my St Bernard =)
- Gail McIntyre
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My german shepherd is much better behaved since using the gentle leader.However she does still keep stopping when she first gets it on to try and scratch it off and when she sees another dog.As she is a rescue dog I do wonder if she has been attacked at some point and feels the need to take it off so she can defend herself.
- Margaret Jones
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the gentle leader has helped our retriever,she doesnt pull now, great for our arms!
- margaret
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Gentle Leader. Hoped it would prove to be more effective than the halti that I was using, but sadly on a dog that pulls as much as mine does, it made very little difference. Back to dog training I think!!
- Kim MacGregor
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An excellent purchase for our 22 month old labrador bitch who is obsessed with food and tennis ball. Her behaviour on lead has been excellent with the HALTI gentle Leader.
- Marianne Male
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Gentle leader is the answer to stopping a big strong dog who lunged at cats, sprang after squirrels on the road etc After a few days, he didn't mind it and stands to have it put on. Have tried Haltis in the past and the dogs never got used to them. Great price and good service from Petstuffgalore.
- Fiona Flowers
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very good
- sheila daines
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gentle leader is great product reccomend it to anyone having problem with dog pulling on lead. its like night and day the difference it makes.
- mrs elaine stanton
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Definately helps with his pulling, very quick delivery, good service, only issue the clasp under the chin won't stay firm, but overall pleased.
- Richard
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- john galloway
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- john galloway
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Great product. The dog hated it initially for the first part of his walk, whipered a bit but by the third walk he was perfect. It was the most pleasurable walking experience with him. He used to pull like an idiot before this simple, yet powerfully effective purchase.
- Mark Richardson
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I have a two and a half year old retriever that I have never been able to walk. She is large for a bitch and extremely strong so she would just pull me along. Hubby has always walked her and I have had to watch! Brilliant!! Since receiving the Gentle Leader I have walked her every day! Absolutely no pulling whasoever! I have health problems so the walking is doing both of us the world of good! Thankyou so much!
- Carol Smith
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Really good product, our vet recommended using a Gentle Leader as Indie is prone to pulling. Delivers instant results and Indie got use to wearing it quickly. Only negatives would be that it has rubbed her nose slightly but her coat is thin on her face. It's a shame it's not available in the UK in the full range of colours as the black does look a little like a muzzle. Overall it's a thumbs (& paws) up!
- Courtney & Indie
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Excellent product, worked straight away. I now take the dogs for a walk rather than them taking me. Highly recommended.
- J Stewart
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the gentle leader works brilliant . i couldnt believe the change . she now walks like a different dog . thankyou .
- paula skinner
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Simply staggering! I have a very big, very powerful choc Labrador and despite his training, he pulled like a mule!! I put this gentle leader on the dog and he never pulled once! I really recommend it, the results are unbelievable and instant! If your dog pulls on the lead, GET ONE!!
- Mr Williams
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The Gentle Leader head collar stopped my dog from pulling on the lead straight away! He has worn it everyday for just under a week and is still getting used to the feeling of it but he has now stopped trying to paw it off his nose. It also feels a bit strange to me leading him from under his chin rather than from his neck collar but I am also getting used to it!
- Debbie
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Betty is much better walking on the lead now and has got used to it within a week!
- Helen James

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