Headcollars are really useful for owners who have dogs who are in need of a little extra guidance while you are out and about with them. They are also great for training your dog. We stock 3 different headcollars from leading brands such as: Halti, Beaphar and Ancol. We also have a link which will allow you to attach the headcollar to a traditional collar for ease of use. All of the headcollars that we stock are tough and durable and can be bought in different sizes which means you can use them on different sizes of dog with no problems.
Halti Headcollar
£ 8.99
15 reviews

Halti Headcollar

Stops dogs pulling on the lead - kindly.

Halti Link
£ 1.49
3 reviews

Halti Link

Attaches the Halti headcollar to a conventional collar for added security.

Gentle Leader Head Collar for Dogs
£ 9.99£ 6.55
23 reviews

Gentle Leader

Stops your dog pulling on the lead. Does not rub or cut in to your dog's face.

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