To allow your dog a little extra freedom while you are out on a walk why not choose an extending lead. These incorporate the very latest in spring technology to ensure that the lead retracts swiftly and smoothly as your dog walks around. All of the extending leads that we stock come in different colours and size and have an average length of 5m which are suitable for any type of dog. Make sure that you choose a lead that is right for the weight of the dog that you own, so take a look at the specifications before you make a purchase.
Flexi Lead - Small 5m
£ 11.49

Flexi Small 5m

For dogs up to 12kg. Available in Black, Blue or Red.

Flexi Lead - Medium 5m
£ 12.99
1 review

Flexi Medium 5m

For dogs up to 25kg. Available in Black, Blue or Red.

Flexi Compact - Large
£ 28.95
1 review

Flexi Compact Large

For dogs up to 65kg. Available in Red, Black or Blue.

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