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All dog owners need to have collars and leads if they are taking their dog out for a walk and as a result we have a huge range of items in stock. We have collars and harnesses that are suitable for dogs and puppies of all sizes and ages, extending leads for dogs who like to roam a little further, headcollars for larger dogs and choke chains for training. In addition to the leads and collars that we stock we also have identity products which you can use on your collars to make sure that, should your dog go missing, it can easily be identified.
Flexi Lead - Small 5m
£ 11.49

Flexi Small 5m

For dogs up to 12kg. Available in Black, Blue or Red.

Halti Headcollar
£ 8.99
15 reviews

Halti Headcollar

Stops dogs pulling on the lead - kindly.

Ancol Choke Chain - Medium
£ 2.15
2 reviews

Ancol Medium Choke Chain

Available in four weights and various lengths to suit most dog breeds.

Flexi Lead - Medium 5m
£ 12.99
1 review

Flexi Medium 5m

For dogs up to 25kg. Available in Black, Blue or Red.

Halti Link
£ 1.49
3 reviews

Halti Link

Attaches the Halti headcollar to a conventional collar for added security.

Gentle Leader Head Collar for Dogs
£ 9.99
23 reviews

Gentle Leader

Stops your dog pulling on the lead. Does not rub or cut in to your dog's face.

Ancol Nylon Dog Collar
£ 2.99

Ancol Nylon Dog Collar

Available in various lengths and colours and have the trade mark antique gold fixings.

Ancol Padded Nylon Dog Collar
£ 4.70

Ancol Padded Nylon Collar

Uses neoprene padding to act as a cushion around the neck for added strength and absolute comfort.

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