Feeding Accessories

We have everything you need to feed your dog at home without making a mess. You can choose from: Feeding bowls which are sturdy and durable. Feeding forks for getting dog food out of tins without having to use your household cutlery. Feeding mats – place one of these under your dog’s food bowls and prevent mess. Rubber feeding mats – if your dog has a habit of pushing it’s food bowl around the floor use a rubber mat and keep the bowls in place.Portable bottles – these are great for providing your dog with a drink while you are out of the home.
Portable Pet Water Bottle
£ 3.49

Portable Pet Bottle

This drinking bottle is a practical water dispenser when travelling, hiking or on long walks.

Lactol Feeding Set
£ 3.79

Lactol Feeding Set

Lactol Feeding Set is an ideal addition to the Lactol range of milk powder.

Wire Double Diner
£ 6.49

Wire Twin Diner

A low, double diner with two stainless steel bowls on a wire stand.

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