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Latex Face Ball

Product code: ARM08890
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Squeeky soft latex ball with face!
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Squeeky soft latex ball with face! 

Approx 6cm 

Keep losing them?...Buy a box of 12 for just £19.95

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very happy with these and so is my dog
- B Dorsi
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I bought 3 more of these for my springer spaniel as he had one the first say we got him and has loved them ever since. They last well and are great for puppies as they are soft enough for them to pick up, run after and chew without destroying. The picture shows the eyes not painted but they are. Would be great if you pick the colour as my male springer now has a bright pink one although he doesnt mind.
- Harry
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Our wee dog was delighted when her 12 squeaky balls arrived :-) delivered next day too. Exelent service...
- paul sherman
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Ordered at 3pm arrived next day with 1-3day delivery option. Truffles was chuffed when her pack of her 12 favourite squeakers came through the door. Very happy westie indeed
- Paul Sherman
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Morgan our newfie pup just loves these balls
- L macLeod
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My small Spaniel can remove the cover from a tennis ball in 5 minutes. These Latex balls however - have a great'squeak' and are so soft that even my little destroyer has failed even to puncture one - possibly because they are soft. He will chase and fetch one for hours. Recommended as safe and fun -opossibly best for small dogs - but durable and fun.
- P Morris
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Excellent, our two Yorkies love them, just the right size.
- Andrew
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My little border terrier loves these squeaky balls, he has never punctured one! The only reason we have to order is cos all his doggy friends pinch them and reluctant to give back so I let them keep them!
- Judy
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Excellent customer relations. Very pleased with the outcome of the latex ball saga. Even sent me 12 balls although I only sent 9 back. That is what I call service. Would highly recommend.
- Dorothy Ditchburn

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