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Staywell Aluminium Door Extra Large 660 Dog Flap

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For very large dogs up to 100kg(220lbs).
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Product description

The Staywell Aluminium Door Extra Large 660 Dog Flap has a Heavy Duty white frame and a Flexible Flap.

  • No more scratched doors.
  • No more getting up late at night.
  • Energy efficient - keeps out drafts.
  • Locking security cover.
  • For very large dogs up to 100kg(220lbs)
  • Overall size: 693mm x 417mm (27 1/4" x 16 7/16").
  • Cut out size: 642mm x 366mm (25 1/4" x 14 3/8").
  • Maximum pet shoulder width: 349mm (13 3/4")
  • 3 Year Guarantee

    The Staywell Aluminium Door Extra Large 660 Dog Flap is not suitable for fitting into glass.
    Please note: This is a very large pet door. Please ensure you have sufficient space to install.

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I am happy Jasper (who will be the user) is also happy. I think I would like to see a thin rubber lip all around it in order to properly close the gap, and also resist opening by wind (air pressure) - Make it an adjustable lip, so that owners can obtain the best compromise between air-tighness, and dog-throughness, as it were.
- Paul Sutton
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Very easy to install. It didnt fit totally flush with the door, because my door insnt very thick, other than that very strong. I have a large labrador x and a husky and they fit through easily. Didnt need to train to go through either i just showed them and called them through, and they have been using it ever since. Its nice not to have to worry to letting them out if you are out. Very satified.
- Gemma
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Door arrived quickly and very high quality.
- Karen Hodgson
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Great door, my dog got used to it in less than 5 minutes and he loves it
- Andreea

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