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Dog Mate Large Spare Flap (Ref 909, for model 216)

Product code: DOGMATE909
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Spare swinging flap for Dog Mate Dog Door Large (216).
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Product description

Spare or Replacement flap for the Dog Mate Large Dog Door Ref 216.

Dimensions of spare flap: Width 297mm (11 3/4")   Height 368mm (14 1/2")>

Tinted design with brushes around the edge, easy to install.


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My Elkhounds break one of these about once per year.
- Paul
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dog mate replacement door flap, Igot this relacement just incase its needed. My first dog door lasted many years, my puppy managed to shatter the flap but as I had got a new door earlier it was not a problem as the new door was easy to replace as the company had maintained the same size over the many years, the new replacement flap is just a prcaution.
- Ann
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Great dog door for a "non chewer" my 1st flap survived 2 flatcoated retievers, but the black labradore chewed through it very easy. ;)
- Swede
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Quick delivery, just the product I needed!
- S Otway
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very happy
- dogladyjean
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hope my lab pup will not eat this one.
- jean
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Delivered to Belgium after 5 days (which is pretty good - most stuff mail order stuff from UK can take up to 2 weeks!) . Easier than ordering via local pet supplies shop who couldn't give a delivery date and wanted double the price!
- tj
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Dog Mate large spare flap. We have two large idiot dogs (young, excitable, stupid, and full of beans). Because of that, I didn't have high expectations for the dog flap lasting more than a month. However, it lasted well over a year, before these two had a particularly mad game of chase and one of them managed to snap it. The replacement came quickly and fitted without any problems. Really impressed with the dog flap overall, it's durable, but light enough to be comfortably used by our 3 cats, too. I would recommend it to anyone.
- Ivelina McCartney

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