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Dog Mate Medium Dog Door (ref 215)

Product code: MATE215
Price from: £ 41.95£ 32.95
Suitable for cats and medium dogs to 460mm (18") shoulder height (Spaniels, Terriers, Poodles etc).
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Product description

The Dog Mate Medium Dog Door (ref 215) is suitable for cats and medium dogs to 460mm (18") shoulder height (Spaniels, Terriers, Poodles etc)

  • Lining to 50mm (2") thick
  • Can be fitted in wooden doors, most upvc doors, panels and walls
  • For cats and medium-sized dogs
  • Available in white or brown
  • 3 year guarantee
  • Spare flaps available
  • Locking security panel

Overall Size: Width 290mm (11 3/8")  Height 350mm (13 3/4")
Cut Out Size:  Width  242mm (9 1/2")  Height 300mm (11 3/4")

Not suitable for fitting in glass.

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(5 of 5)
(5 of 5)
Excellent product. A little fiddly to fit so get another person to help but dog loves it already.
- doug
(5 of 5)
I ordered the dog door on line. I t arrived within a few days. It has now been fitted. My doggie is extremely pleased with it as the door is easy to use and draft proof!
- Gillian Brown
(5 of 5)
Really good door, my dog has got used to using it even though she is 9. Really like the being able to lock it so I can keep her in if I like.
- Diane
(5 of 5)
The order arrived very quickly and it is the perfect size. I was looking for a size in between the Staywell small and medium, this medium Dog Mate one is perfect.
- Adri
(5 of 5)
I ordered a dog mate dog flap. I have had the same in situ for 7years, one of my first attempts at DIY which I managed to botch but despite my attempts it has never let me down and is still working 2 dogs and 3 cats later. I'm replacing for a shiny new model as I know it works. Good product, easy to fit except for having to saw the screws-being a mere woman find this physically difficult.
- Elaine Deehan
(5 of 5)
A very good product.As well as avery efficient service
- l simpson
(4 of 5)
This is the second Dog Mate flap I have ordered as I tried a different type but this is the only dog flap my dog will use. Had to take other sort out as my dog did not like the double flap. This one works quietly and easily. I have stuck extra tape on magnet as the first Dog Mate flap I had lost its magnet.
(4 of 5)
Bought the dog door to replace a catflap broken by my cat. New door is stouter than the old one, so time will tell if it withstands his use of it. Is big enough to allow a small dog through, which may prove useful in the future.
- Gillian Nash
(5 of 5)
Not fitted this one yet, but have had the larger size for over 6 years and it has proved excellent. Never broken and has catered for lots of dogs including Alsation, Boxer, Cockers and a collie. If this one is as good will be very happy.
- Janet
(5 of 5)
Very please with the quality of the product: draught-free and looks good in white PVC door. Had to get a local handy man to install, as didn't have tools needed to drill/cut through PVC (not your average DIY job!). Our puppy got the hang after a couple of days - once we got the step outside adjusted to the right height. He now loves it and brings me big worms in every day to thank me....
- Sheila
(5 of 5)
The medium size doggy door arrived within 3 days of my ordering it. It was acually easy to fit!! A diy success which my husband and I rarely celebrate. Our boarder collie used it straight away. We gave him so much praise for using the door I think he began to show off just for the fuss. Extremely happy with the door and the magnetics on the bottom mean the door seals itself after our dog comes in and out as he pleased :)
- Christina
(5 of 5)
Dogmate door dispatched quickly and now installed, a very good service.
- Howard Bretman
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(5 of 5)
The service was excellent. The Dog Mate door arrived earlier than I expected.
- G. Patel
(5 of 5)
I am extremely happy with my dog flap, i have 2 puppies age 9 months one of them has already got used to going in and out! the other one is a bit scared but she will get there at the end. i recieved it within 3 days of ordering, i found this to be a very good service.
- Martha
(5 of 5)
sturdy and easy to fit
- carol
(4 of 5)
Dog door flap
- Mike Moore
(5 of 5)
After going through quite a few doors this is the best by far. Seal internal and external stopping any cold coming in and the sprung door is a great idea. Fantastic service!
- Tom Brown

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