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Hide Knuckle Chews 6.5 Inch - Pack Of 20

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Multipack of 6.5" hide knuckle chews.
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Product description

Pack of 20 high quality 6.5" hide knuckle dog chews.

These chews are approximately 6.5" in length.

Approx pack weight 2100g.

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Our Dad buys these for us regularly. We like them because they smell yummy and sumtimes we argue about which one we want..... it's fun!Sumtimes they get all manky and gooey at the end which is when we like them the bestest. Our Dad likes them because it keeps us real quiet like, for hours! But he doesn't like to pick them up after a session chewing because he gets gooey fingers too! So to all you K9's out there, these are the best chews for miles!!!
- Max and Fizz
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I'm always pleased with these chews. If my dogs could type (they are old dogs, and it would be 'new' tricks!), they'd say more than just 'nom, nom, nom!' Ruffly speaking, you'd be barking to buy anything else...
- Buckinghamshire Exile

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