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To make sure your dog is comfortable and warm in its bed we have a wide variety of dog bedding and beds currently in stock. We offer: Petbed – which are veterinary quality bedding supplies and beds which are tough, durable and comfortable and will last for years. Flectabed – soft and warm pet beds that can be put in any room and provide a comfortable sleeping surface for your pet. A wide range of soft beds in different sizes, designs and shapes. Orthopedic bedding – to reduce pressure build up on the joints of dogs, choose this kind of bedding. Ideal for older dogs and cats.
Original Vetbed Oval
£ 5.65£ 4.52
8 reviews

Vetbed Original Oval

Oval Vetbed Original available in White, Grey, Brown and Mink.

Non Slip Bedding
£ 14.35£ 11.48
4 reviews

Non-slip Fleece Vetbed

Ideal for use in cars, pet baskets and on shiny floors and tiles.

£ 19.95£ 16.56


Available in 4 sizes.

Pink Flectabed
£ 19.95£ 16.56
2 reviews

Pink Flectabed

Available for a limited time only.

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Vetbed original 20% off

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