All dogs need feeding bowls and with 11 different bowls to choose from you will soon find one that is suitable for your needs. You can choose from twin bowl sets, metal bowls, plastic dog bowls in different colours, ceramic bowls, non slip bowls, feeders and waterers that rely on gravity to dispense more food or water and bowls that can be used while you are out and about. The bowls we stock come in a variety of sizes so you will easily be able to find one that is right for your dog and all of them are at a price that fits your budget.
Wire Double Diner
£ 6.49

Wire Twin Diner

A low, double diner with two stainless steel bowls on a wire stand.

Plastic Dog Bowls
£ 0.79

Plastic Dog Bowl

Whitefurze pet bowls are available in 5 single bowl sizes and 2 twin bowl sizes.

Kufra Waterer
£ 10.99
2 reviews

Kufra Waterer

A syphon waterer to keep water fresh until required.

Dog On Tour Bowl
£ 2.69

Dog On Tour Bowl

This drinking bowl can be folded to a very small size which makes it ideal for travelling or longer journeys.

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