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Chain Couple
£ 5.49
2 reviews

Chain Couple

Enables you to walk two dogs with one lead.

NEW Green-Um Tablets
£ 12.99£ 11.04
6 reviews

Green-um Tablets

Healthy food supplement to help prevent yellow spots occuring (lawn burn appearing on your grass).

Finger Toothbrush
£ 3.19

Finger Toothbrush

Pack of 2 finger toothbrushes for easy cleaning of teeth and oral cavity.

Soft Protection Double Sided Brush
£ 3.99

SP Salon Double Sided Brush

These brushes have stainless steel pins - this prevents rusting and encourages natural oils promoting a shiny healthy coat.

T-Camp Mobile Cat Kennel
£ 28.95
1 review

Tcamp Mobile Cat Kennel

This mobile kennel is suitable for small dogs, cats and other small pets.

Twistables Rope Toy
£ 1.99
2 reviews

Twistables Tug Bone

Dog loves these rope toys and they help to keep teeth clean by their flossing action too!

Flexi Compact - Large
£ 28.95
1 review

Flexi Compact Large

For dogs up to 65kg. Available in Red, Black or Blue.

Lupi Harness
£ 8.49

Lupi Harness

Gentle on dogs with spinal injuries. Made in soft black cord.

Serene-um Drops
£ 8.99£ 8.09
1 review

Serene-um Drops

A nutritional supplement to calm and soothe hyperactivity, aggressiveness and nervousness.

car mat
£ 49.95

Car Mat

This dog bed for cars protects your car from dirt and pet hair. Is usable at home or while travelling.

Buffalo Horn Whistle
£ 5.99

Buffalo Horn Whistle

Used by hunters and for training the dog as different orders can be trained to the different sounds.

Luxury car seat cover
£ 37.95

Luxury Car Seat Cover

This car seat cover protects your car upholstery against dirt and pet hair. Suitable for longer car journeys.

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