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Serene-um Drops
£ 8.99£ 8.09
1 review

Serene-um Drops

A nutritional supplement to calm and soothe hyperactivity, aggressiveness and nervousness.

car mat
£ 49.95

Car Mat

This dog bed for cars protects your car from dirt and pet hair. Is usable at home or while travelling.

Buffalo Horn Whistle
£ 5.99

Buffalo Horn Whistle

Used by hunters and for training the dog as different orders can be trained to the different sounds.

Luxury car seat cover
£ 37.95

Luxury Car Seat Cover

This car seat cover protects your car upholstery against dirt and pet hair. Suitable for longer car journeys.

Tie Out Cable
£ 9.99
1 review

Tie Out Cable

Suitable for all breeds. Easily attached to a post or spiral stake.

Tin Covers
£ 1.39

Can Covers

Fits standard size tins (approx 400g).

Dog On Tour Bowl
£ 2.69

Dog On Tour Bowl

This drinking bowl can be folded to a very small size which makes it ideal for travelling or longer journeys.

Rubber Ball
£ 1.29
2 reviews

Rubber Ball

A good, old fashioned rubber ball.

Spiral Tie-out Stake
£ 3.95
1 review

Ancol Spiral Tie Out Stake

Simply screw this spiral stake into the ground to provide a secure staking point to tie your dog.

Original Vetbed Oval
£ 5.65£ 4.52
8 reviews

Vetbed Original Oval

Oval Vetbed Original available in White, Grey, Brown and Mink.

Dog drying cloth
£ 3.99

Dog Drying Cloth

The Top Fix dog towel is an absorbent cloth which frees your dog’s or cat’s coat from dirt and water in no time.

Mikki Muzzle
£ 8.99

Mikki Muzzle

A strong nylon muzzle which is soft and flexible and features adjustable straps with 'quick-fit' catch.

Non Slip Bedding
£ 14.35£ 11.48
4 reviews

Non-slip Fleece Vetbed

Ideal for use in cars, pet baskets and on shiny floors and tiles.

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