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Meowing Heads Hey Good Looking Chicken 1.5kg

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A minimum 51% fresh and dried chicken combined with chicken, fish and egg.
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Hey good lookin what you got cooking?

Loads of delicious ingredients which are specific to a cats natural needs thats what.

A minimum 51% fresh and dried chicken is the foundation to this recipe.

Then combine this with chicken, fish and egg.

You will notice that the protein in Meowing Heads foods is animal not vegetable, purrrrrfect!

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Lovely food. I feed it to my kitties alongside wet pouches or foils. They love it! All natural ingredients... much better than the more common complete dry foods you find. First class product from a first class supplier! Thanks! =^..^=
- Lydia
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I love the Meowing Heads brand. It's one of the very few cat foods I've found in the UK that don't have bad additives like wheat, maize, soy, etc, and the number one ingredient is meat, not chicken meal, or chicken by-product. Generally speaking, these more nutritional cat foods are pricier than their unhealthy alternatives, but I'm so happy I discovered because they have Meowing Heads available for an affordable price (compared to £19.99 for the same bag - 2kg - on competing websites). My cats love the taste, the kibble size is nice and small, and it's actually healthy for your furry friends (unlike the vast majority of dry cat foods). I highly recommend it (both chicken and fish flavors)!
- Kendra
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our cat loves the chicken & this is the highest meat content of a dry food .
- Steve

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