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Staywell 932 Magnetic Cat Flap

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The Staywell 932 Magnetically operated cat flap is suitable for cats up to 7Kg (15lbs).
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Product description

The Staywell 932 Magnetic Cat Flap offers selective magnetic entry for your cat and features the following :

  • Greater degree of security as cats without a magnet cant gain access
  • Helps to keep out strays and other animals
  • See through, tough and weather resistant flap
  • Easy to install in most doors and windows
  • Installation depth: up to 54mm (2")
  • 3 Year Guarantee
  • Spare flaps and magnetic collar keys available
  • Spare collar keys available
  • Suitable for cats up to 7Kg (15lbs)
  • Can be fitted into glass however consult a glazier first. (toughened glass cannot be cut)

Overall size: 224mm x 224mm (8 7/8" x 8 7/8")

Cut out size: 169mm x 169mm (6 5/8" x 6 5/8")

Glass cut out: 210mm (8 1/4") diameter

Extendable tunnels are not available for this model. (Consider Staywell 400/500 series for wall installation).

Supplied with 1 magnetic collar key.

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Quick and efficient service.
- Mr K Wade
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First winter with this cat flap that says weather resistant. We have had a winter with 0 to -20 celsius and this cat flap doesn´t manage to keep the cold out. When you hold the hand in front of the closed flap you can feel how the cold air streaming into your house. This is my first cat flap so I don´t know if others are better isolated. This is not and it will cost you money in heating the room where the cat flap is mounted. If cold days isn´t a problem for you, then it´s a great product. Works flawlessly and the cat loves it. For cold winters - not good. For not cold winters: Rating 5.
- Christian Calming
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Syaywell 932 Magnetic Cat Flap was so east to fit. It matched exactly the aperture left by the previous Staywell non-magnetic flap and needed only two screws to secure. A single handed job.Stray visitors are banished.
- Edward

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