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Cat Mate Large Cat Flap (221)

Product code: MATE221
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Suitable for the largest of cats and small dogs.
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Product description

The Cat Mate Large Cat Flap is suitable for the largest of cats and small dogs up to 360mm (14") shoulder height (Yorkshire Terriers, Pekinese, Dachshund etc)

  • Self Lining to 50mm (2")
  • Can be fitted in wooden and upvc doors, panels and walls
  • For large cats and small dogs
  • Available in white or brown
  • 3 year guarantee
  • Spare flaps available
  • 4 Way locking system: In only - Out only - Locked - Unlocked

Overall Size: Width 235mm (9 1/4") Height 252mm (10")

Cut Out Size: Width 210mm (8 1/4") Height 227mm (9")

This large cat Flap is not suitable for fitting in glass.

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I was buying this to replace the one we had because the buttons to change the door positions had broken off. It was hard to see from the photo online that the buttons on this one are exactly the same! Can you buy the replaement buttons anywhere? My cats seem to be good at chewing them off! Very easy to install though.
- Louise
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I purchased this catflap to replace an existing one of the same type, that way I knew it would fit the hole in the door. The catflap is much the same as the 7 year old one which I replaced, the green/red sliders have been upgraded so I hope they will be more durable. It was the sliders that finally broke on the old one. It is a good value product, although I have had to replace the clear acrylic flap a few times as the weather seal becomes worn and draughty over time. Fitting is straightforward, although one of the screws supplied with the flap sheared off during fitting and had to be drilled out.
- TL
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solidly made, cat can get in and out without (much!) trouble, easy to install. However, when wind is in the wrong direction rain can get in. Need to find out exactly why!
- Jane Coles
(5 of 5)
This Cat Mate 221 cat flap was purchased to fit a new door, and is the same model that was purchased for another door six years ago - cat flap still going strong considering the battering it gets from our (rather large) cat. The only maintenance required is to clean / lubricate the locking mechanism every few months as dirt can prevent the sliders from working properly. As for the service from Petstuffgalore, it was lightening fast - under 48 hours from placing the order online to receiving the goods.
- Richard
(5 of 5)
Haven't fitted it yet but looks easy enough - good size and quality
- Gail Adams
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For a cheap one, this product is good, I purchased it as it is the same one that I had so easy to fit, the only down side is the catches become loose and on a windy day it blows open.
- Ruth
(5 of 5)
Excellent product, price and service. Thank you very much, I will definitely use your store again.
- Chris Johnson.
(5 of 5)
Cat Mate 221, no problems what I wanted exacctly to replace a broken item plus very quick delivery to Malta with very reasonable PP.
- D.Jackson

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