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Cat Mate Elite Selective Cat Flap (306)

Product code: MATE 306
Price from: £ 74.95
This range can be universally fitted to glass, wood, metal, plastic or wall applications.
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Product description

The Cat Mate Elite Selective Cat Flap Model 306 can be universally fitted to glass, wood, metal, plastic or wall applications.

  • Includes 2 unique electronic ID discs (up to 7 unique ID discs can be used) to control entry and exit through the flap - keeps all other animals out
  • LCD display shows selected entry and exit lock status plus low battery indicator. Requires 4 x AA (R6) batteries (not supplied)  
  • Self-lining up to 50mm (2") thick - ideal for all single/double glazing and any panel 0-50mm (0-2") thick
  • Wall liner available for wall installation
  • Fully draught and weatherproof brush sealed flap
  • Suitable for glass-fitting
  • 4 Way Locking + ID disc
  • Available in White or Brown
  • 2 Unique ID discs included. Extra/Spare ID discs available
  • 3 Year Guarantee

Overall size: Width 248mm (9 3/4")   Height 265mm (10 3/8")

Cut out size (non-glass fitting): Width 166mm (6 1/2")   Height 192mm (7 1/2")

Cut out size (for glass fitting): 229mm (9") diameter

Available in White or Brown.

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Just recently purchased this cate flap. After the initial stages of my two cats getting used to it, it works perfect. I can't really make a comparison as not had a magnetic cat flap before. But sensitivity and range is v good, quiet action which doesn't scare my nervous cats. Good product, v happy.
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Both our cats are used to cat flaps but were a little timid at first due to the unusual noise it makes when the flap is pushed. Also it is quite narrow and our Tom finds it a squeese to get in and out. It does keep out the neighbourhood cats and for that i love it!! Our tom however has just lost his tag (only had the flap 4 weeks) - so another £9, better not make a habit of it!!
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- Ulf Jonsson
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This cat mate 306 cat flap does really work. It keeps other cats out not like the staywell flaps we have had in the past which open with any cat that has a collar that has anything matalic bell ect. We are very pleased with this Item Thanks
- S Milton
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Nothing but problems, bad design using a motor and a convoluted series of gears instead of just a simple solenoid
(4 of 5)
excellent product so far so good next doors cat no longer coming in through old cat flap to eat all our cats food also leaving its scent by way of spraying over our furniture lucky for us it was leather and washable
- Neil Roberts
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This is the only flap that's got a strong enough latch to keep out marauding toms - we tried other well known electronic and magnetic types, around the same price, and BANG the cats would get in. It also runs a good while on the batteries. But there is a minus: the motorised latch is very noisy, it sounds like a cat spitting! - and one of our more nervous moggies took four weeks to venture through. I think Petstuffgalore should take this up with the makers, as the flap is excellent in every other way.
- Howard
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This is a good unit, easy to fiy and simple enough to set up and operate, took 3 attempts for cats to get used to the new operation IE push and go rather than click and wait. Big improvement on previous cat flap at least now the cat doesn't sit a couple of feet away wearing out the batteries on the electronic sensor.
- andrewh
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This is an excellent cat flap. The flap is sturdy enough to keep out other cats that try and barge their way in. This is a vast improvement on the one it replaced from another well known cat-flap manufacturer. As for the noise and general operation our cat has had no problem with it at all.
- Iain
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This is the best catflap we have had. It does what it says on the box, it keeps unwanted stray cats out! The flap works by an ID chip tag which you place on the cats collar, it is alittle large the ID tag is alittle bigger than a 10pence piece. I was a little apprehesive at first as I had purchased other catflaps from else where and they didn't do the job. But this little gem really works. There is a small noise from the motor which my cats are alittle nervous about, its took me nearly aweek to get them used to their new catflap. But they are getting use to it now. The design is really good as there are two latches on the bottom of the flap, stopping unwanted cats from forcing it open, so there is no way the flap can open without an ID tag. Well worth the money as it really does keep other pets out, and does the job well. Great design and price. I was very impressed with the quick and efficent service I received I placed my order on thursday at 3pm, it was despatched by 3:30pm on the same day and I received it by 12pm the next day and had it fitted the same day too. Wow very good service and many thanks.
- Lisa

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