Cat Flaps

To allow your cat easy access to the outside you will need a cat flap .We stock cat flaps from Staywell and Cat Mate which are highly durable and easy to fit. The cat flaps we sell come in several sizes, so if you are looking for a cat flap that is suitable for both small dogs and cats you will easily be able to find one in our stock. We also stock spare parts which will help you to repair it, if needed.

Staywell 932 Cat Flap
£ 29.95£ 19.95
3 reviews

Staywell 932 Magnetic Cat Flap

The Staywell 932 Magnetically operated cat flap is suitable for cats up to 7Kg (15lbs).

Staywell 300 Cat Flap
£ 23.99£ 14.77
1 review

Staywell 300 Cat Flap

4 Way locking cat flap. Suitable for fitting into glass.

Pack of 2 Cat Mate Magnets
£ 9.95£ 8.95
1 review

Cat Mate Cat Collar Magnets

Pack of two replacement cat collar magnets for use with the Cat Mate cat flaps.

Cat Mate Unique ID Disc (310)
£ 9.45
5 reviews

Cat Mate Elite Electronic Id Disc

Unique ID disc for the Cat Mate Elite range of Selective and Super Selective cat flaps (Models 305 and 306).

Cat Mate Wall Liner (Ref 303)
£ 5.95£ 5.45
3 reviews

Cat Mate Wall Liner (303)

May be added to the 234 and 235 models from the Cat Mate range to enable easy wall installation.

Cat Mate Elite Wall Liner
£ 10.95£ 9.95

Cat Mate Elite Wall Liner

Any number of these may be added to any cat flap in the Cat Mate Elite range (305, 306, 307) to enable easy installation.

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