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Spare Tray For C10 / C20 Auto Feeders

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Product description

Spare tray for the Cat Mate C10 and C20 auto feeders.

These trays are sold singly.

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A cat bowl that does what it claims to.
- Listercat
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Easy and reliable - ordered trays and they arrived as expected. Also, they were about £3 cheaper than others I'd seen on the internet which were exactly the same. Great - have recommended to a friend.
- Jeanna
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Great to find a replacement for the Catmate feeder trays as even though the originals lasted fornages they do eventually get damaged.
- Andy
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Good point - it fits the feeder. Bad point - it's far too flimsy. These things break so easily. Why can't they be made from stainless steel or ceramic? I'd be happy to pay more for a product that lasts more than a couple of months before getting scratched, stained and chipped.
- Robert Arnold
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Purchased 4 replacement dishes for my Cat Mate Autofeeder. Arrived quickly, very good value. Will use this company again and recommend to friends and family. Thanks!
- Alison Boyce
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Excellent product. I have 3 cats , and the Catmate is regularly in use. It is so handy to have spare dishes. The dishes last a long time.
- Jean Cowling

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