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T-Camp Mobile Cat Kennel
£ 28.95
1 review

Tcamp Mobile Cat Kennel

This mobile kennel is suitable for small dogs, cats and other small pets.

Kufra Waterer
£ 10.99
2 reviews

Kufra Waterer

A syphon waterer to keep water fresh until required.

Good Girl Catnip Drops
£ 0.79

Good Girl Catnip Drops

Good Girl Catnip Drops are a specially formulated treat for cats. Flavoured with real catnip.

Original Vetbed Oval
£ 5.65£ 4.52
8 reviews

Vetbed Original Oval

Oval Vetbed Original available in White, Grey, Brown and Mink.

Good Girl Kitty Grass
£ 2.99£ 2.39

Good Girl Kitty Grass

A plastic tray filled with all you need to grow grass in your own home easily.

Staywell 932 Cat Flap
£ 29.95£ 19.95
3 reviews

Staywell 932 Magnetic Cat Flap

The Staywell 932 Magnetically operated cat flap is suitable for cats up to 7Kg (15lbs).

Non Slip Bedding
£ 14.35£ 11.48
4 reviews

Non-slip Fleece Vetbed

Ideal for use in cars, pet baskets and on shiny floors and tiles.

Staywell 300 Cat Flap
£ 23.99£ 14.77
1 review

Staywell 300 Cat Flap

4 Way locking cat flap. Suitable for fitting into glass.

Pack of 2 Cat Mate Magnets
£ 9.95£ 8.95
1 review

Cat Mate Cat Collar Magnets

Pack of two replacement cat collar magnets for use with the Cat Mate cat flaps.

Cat Mate Unique ID Disc (310)
£ 9.45
5 reviews

Cat Mate Elite Electronic Id Disc

Unique ID disc for the Cat Mate Elite range of Selective and Super Selective cat flaps (Models 305 and 306).

Cat Mate Wall Liner (Ref 303)
£ 5.95£ 5.45
3 reviews

Cat Mate Wall Liner (303)

May be added to the 234 and 235 models from the Cat Mate range to enable easy wall installation.

Cat Mate Elite Wall Liner
£ 10.95£ 9.95

Cat Mate Elite Wall Liner

Any number of these may be added to any cat flap in the Cat Mate Elite range (305, 306, 307) to enable easy installation.

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