Ancol Nylon Dog Collar
£ 2.99

Ancol Nylon Dog Collar

Available in various lengths and colours and have the trade mark antique gold fixings.

Ancol Padded Nylon Dog Collar
£ 4.70

Ancol Padded Nylon Collar

Uses neoprene padding to act as a cushion around the neck for added strength and absolute comfort.

Spiral Tie-out Stake
£ 3.95
1 review

Ancol Spiral Tie Out Stake

Simply screw this spiral stake into the ground to provide a secure staking point to tie your dog.

Ancol Choke Chain - Medium
£ 2.15
2 reviews

Ancol Medium Choke Chain

Available in four weights and various lengths to suit most dog breeds.

Ancol Dog Beacon
£ 3.49

Ancol Dog Beacon

High Visability Safety Flashing Tag. Visible up to 1/2 mile away.

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