Tips for taking care of pets in winter 

When winter comes knocking, we all huddle around fire places wearing the warmest clothes we can find. Getting warm in winter is very important otherwise we could end up catching a cold or other grave medical conditions. Winter being the holiday season, you don't want to spend it cooped up in hospital while other people who kept warm make merry and simply enjoy the holiday. The same goes for pets. Rarely do we give consideration to the warmth requirements of pets and how to adequately take care of them in this cold season. Pets, like humans, are highly susceptible to cold related health problems during the winter season. It is very important to take care of them during this season to ensure that you have a healthy pet to cheer you up throughout.

Pets, like human beings, have body temperatures and are bound to feel cold when the temperatures lower. Your dog won't tell you that it is feeling cold, it is up to you to determine whether your pet is warm or cold. The best way to determine the warmth needs of your pet is by holding it and feel whether it is shivering. It is a common misconception that since most pets have fur, they cannot feel cold. To the contrary, they are after all warm blooded creatures and are susceptible to the cold just like we are. If you are one of those people who does not understand why some animal enthusiasts would dress up their pets in miniature clothes, now you know why. A number of animal enthusiasts understand that their pets need to be properly protected from the adverse effects of the weather and that is why they dress up their pets. Getting your dog a sweater could help to keep it warm during the cold season.

Regardless of the weather conditions, pets still require walks and some time out of the house. The warm little outfits will come in handy when giving your pet a walk. It is important to minimize on washing your pet during this season. If you must wash your pet, use warm water and the right kind of pet shampoo to ensure that your pet does not lose its body heat and that its skin stays moisturized. Most pets develop dry skin during the cold season which may cause them discomfort and it therefore becomes important to wash them using appropriate pet shampoos. After washing your pet it is highly important to properly dry them using towels and if need be a hair dryer could help tremendously in drying your pet up.

Similar to how you can always use a cup of hot cocoa or soup to ward off the cold, brewing some soup for your pet helps to keep them warm. The water you give your pet should also be warm. You have to keep a keen eye on your pet to make sure that they don't drink up ice cold water which may result in rushing your pet to the vet.

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