Small dog breeds 

Small dog breeds are loving, affectionate and playful dogs that make wonderful pets for anyone. Because of their size, they fit into anyone’s lifestyle, even if they live in an apartment or small home. Small dog breeds are loved by children and make great companions for elder adults.

There are a few things to consider when you are looking for a small dog. A small dog generally weighs less than twenty-two pounds and is shorter than sixteen inches, although some are lighter and shorter while others are heavier and taller. Small dogs are easy to pick up, carry around and transport. Some can be cuddled in one’s lap. All small dog breeds can be trained to learn commands, although some learn quicker than others. Some owners are concerned with dog shedding. While some small dogs virtually do not shed, other breeds shed a moderate amount, which may get into the carpet and on clothes and furniture. The latter provides one with a wider variety of breeds to choose from but require a little more maintenance. Long hair dogs need to be brushed daily to prevent the coat from getting matted and tangled. There is also more vacuuming to do. When selecting a breed, it is important to consider the personality of the children who will be with the dog. Puppies that grow up with the children are loyal to them. Small dogs generally bark when a stranger comes in and thus make good little watchdogs. Allergies are another concern with pets. Most people believe that allergies, resulting in sneezing, itchy eyes and running nose, are a result of dog hair. However, they are actually caused by the dog’s dander, or dead skin flakes. Dander floats through the air and ends up in the eyes, triggering allergic reactions, when inhaled. Small dogs have less hair; therefore, they have less dander.

When selecting a small dog for children, there are additional factors to consider. Not only do you have to consider the temperament of the dog, you also have to consider the child’s temperament. For instance, if the child is boisterous, the dog should be energetic and patient. However, if the child is quite, the dog should be gentle, calm and affectionate. A dog should be easily trainable, to behave properly.
Some small dogs that are good with children are:
  •  Boston Terrier, who is friendly and gentle
  •  Jack Russell, who is playful
  •  Beagle, who loves to be outdoors
  •  Pug, who is deeply loving and loyal
  •  Chihuahua, who is feisty and good natured
  • English Cocker Spaniel, who is intelligent, sensitive and likes to play outdoors
  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, who is good tempered and loves to be cuddled
  • Dachshund, who is energetic and makes good guard dogs
  • Bichon Frise, who is cheerful
  •  Lhasa Apso, who is confident and makes a good show dog
  • Shih Tzu, who is playful and affectionate
  • Havanese, who loves to do tricks and be the center of attention
  •  Cardigan Welsh, who is protective and extremely fond of children
There are many other small dog breeds to choose from. It is a lot of fun to take the opportunity to look at the different types of breeds and decide which dog would best fill your needs.

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