Should I Get a Second Bird? 

Birds are gorgeous, lovely animals that can make amazing pets. Those that enjoy being handled can become best friends, even going anywhere with their owner. Many people enjoy their friends so much that they want to grow their family. Bringing in more birds may seem like no problem to some people but there are a few things to consider.

Before deciding whether or not getting a second bird is the right choice you should first think about why you want one. If breeding is your purpose then of course you will need a second one, there is no doubt there, but if it is more for companionship then there should be some thought put into the decision first.
Parrot couple

Those who want a second bird because they think their first one needs a playmate when you are away should really think it through. A bird can be very happy on its own as long as it has some form of mental stimulation, like the television or radio, to keep it going. Many birds enjoy having only their owner and some fun around them and can joyously live their years out with those! There is also the chance that, if another bird is bought, they may have some personality differences and start fighting.

Choosing to get a second bird to be a companion because you cannot spend enough time with the one you already have can be quite harmful. Having two birds increases how much time you must spend with them! More will not better that situation.

If breeding is something you want to avoid then either get a bird of the same gender or another species. Birds may breed if they can so you should try and avoid it. If they do breed, however, then you should know that their personalities can change! Breeding birds might lose their tame behavior.

No matter why you want the bird it is important to remember what can happen when you do get one and how to introduce them! The very first, and most important, thing to do is to separate them in two different rooms at first! A new bird may carry with it diseases and you do not want your beloved friend to get sick. This separation should last around a month and during this time remember to feed the new bird last and wash up and change clothes after you are around them.

Our feathered friends are a great source for entertainment and joy, it is no wonder so many people want to expand their family. It is not so easy, though. Like other animals, they have their own personalities. Bringing in a strange bird could upset them, even after properly introducing the two. You should put a lot of thought and careful planning into it before going through with this. Think about why you want to get a second bird, how the bird is already, and whether or not you are alright with risking some changes. When you start asking yourself, “Should I get a second bird?” try thinking about everything that goes into it and if it really fits what you want and can do.

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