Pets Summer Activities 

Summer has arrived and many families and their pets will spend extended hours outdoors under the sun. Pet owners must take note - dogs and cats shows a growth in ailments in the summertime.

Pets Should Have Fun with Caution

Pets are treated more often during the summer because of their increased exposure to the outside. Dog owners really should be careful of overdoing summer activities along with their pets. Heat can result in sunburn as well as heat stroke. Admittance to pools can result in dog ear infections or a worst-case scenario, a pet accidentally falling right into a pool and drowning.

Statistics underscore all about summer-month precautions. Cats and dogs were treated usually for hyperthermia (heat stroke) in July and August and increasingly for insect bites and stings in August.

Summer activities can possibly be enjoyable for your entire family, but think about these suggestions to prevent pet maladies:

Foreign Bodies

Foxtails, a kind of grass with sharp, bristle like fibers, can be found on or near paths as well as grassy hillsides and are a major hazard. The points are sharp and they extend forward which can embed into the pet's paw, ears, eyes or nose, inevitably causing infection and potential death if digested.

Stings and Bites

Insects and spiders of most sizes and shapes come out during the warmer summer temperatures. Mosquitoes congregate near water. Rid your garden of the shallow pools of water (which includes toddlers pool) to keep away mosquitoes. Keep the pet faraway from bees, wasps and woodpiles that could harbor spiders.

Pet Hyperthermia

To avoid heat stroke, keep the pet indoors in the course of the hottest hours (usually 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.). Never leave your animal in the car unattended, even with the use of the windows open, and regularly possess an ample amount of water.

Pets Get Burns Too

Hot sidewalks might be excruciating for dogs and may possibly burn the pads of the paws. Additionally, sunburn is normal on body areas not protected by fur or dark skin for example the nose, tips of the ears and underbelly, and may possibly result in skin cancer. Talk to your veterinarian regarding sunscreen; an easy application on exposed skin may assist to prevent both sunburn and skin cancer, particularly in pets with pale pigmentation and light fur.

Near Drowning

Although comparatively rare, cases of drowning do increase in the summertime. When your pet falls into a swimming pool, inhales water and looks to be in danger, keep this pet warm and dry. Make sure to contact your veterinarian immediately.

Otitis Externa

Ear infections are usually because of trapped water in a dog’s ear after swimming or bathing. When your pet has problems with water activities, confer with your veterinarian regarding specific ear cleansers to assist dry the ear canal to avoid recurring ear infections.

Have a safe, as well as fun, summer experience with your dog by becoming familiar with the all of these conditions mentioned.

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