Keeping House Clean With Pets 

Anyone with pets can attest to the fact that pets have the potential to make big messes. With the scattered pet hair, waste, and generally untidiness pets cause by moving throughout the house, keeping the house clean while animals are about is no easy feat. Other circumstances add to this effect. For example, if you are a pet owner with children or frequent visitors, keeping the house will be doubly difficult. However, with some simple tricks and planning, keeping a clean house will prove to be very doable.

A good idea is to keep a portion of the house in which pets are not allowed. Animals have a tendency to spread hair and bacteria where they go. Keeping a portion of the home sectioned off or off limits to pets will decrease the area over which the germs are spread. In addition, it will leave less rooms to clean. If your pet prefers to sleep in the bed with you, limit this, or limit the pet's access to other rooms. Try to keep pets out of rooms that are filled with high volumes of stuff. Keep the doors of bedrooms closed. Try purchasing special gates to keep the animals in one part of the house. This lessens the spread of hair and the frequency of urine stains.

Cat and dog hair is probably the most widespread problem. First off, make sure to vacuum and sweep areas that your pets frequent very often. Try to make it a weekly habit of vacuuming and a daily habit of sweeping. Mop any hard floor surfaces as well. Pet hair can carry bacteria, and is overall a nuisance to have around. Adhesive lint rollers are great for cleaning hair off furniture and clothing. If possible, try to brush your cat and dog's hair periodically. This will removed shed hairs and reduce the amount of hairs that end up on the floor. It is better to do this outside. Covering up furniture is a good way to keep hair off. This will keep the hairs from embedding themselves in a couch, and are easy to wipe clean.

Using natural and ammonia-free products to clean up after pets is much more ideal. Make sure to clean a cat's litter box appropriately. House train all pets, and try to minimize the occurrences of your pets urinating or eliminating waste on the floor within your house. If a dog does this on the floor of your home, clean it up immediately and do not let it sit there until you are up to cleaning it up. This goes for urine also. When pets go outside, make sure to clean their paws before allowing them to come in. Just like you and your family or guests wipe their feet before coming, clean your pet's paws to prevent the spread of bacteria.  Also, make sure to disinfect any surfaces that are tread on by a cat.

By following these few simple steps, keeping a clean house with pets will not be a challenge at all.

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