Human Foods that are Toxic to Cats 

Having a pet cat, most owners want do to everything with their cat. Playing, sleeping, and sometimes even eating; however, eating with your cat is not such a great idea unless the cat is eating its own food. Many of the foods that humans eat are harmful and even fatal to cats. It may be tempting to give a cat a bite of a brownie a give a cat a bowl of milk, but these foods actually harm cats. Cartoon cats may eat things like lasagna, but it generally isn't safe to feed cats food that is prepared for humans. Cats need to eat a balanced diet of food specifically made for cats, or that is safe for cats to eat. Here are some foods that cat owners should avoid giving to their cats, and prevent their cats from having access to.

Giving a stray cat a bowl of milk is a common practice. Most people may not know where this idea originates, but it has somehow been ingrained in the minds of humans to give cow's milk to cats. However, many cats are actually lactose intolerant. There is no nutritional need for adult cats to have milk. Some cats actually enjoy drinking milk, so if it that is the case, give the cat a moderate several of cream only a couple of times a week. Definitely do not give milk to a cat that is lactose intolerant.

Chocolate is another food that is harmful to cats. You might want to give a cat a treat, but chocolate is toxic to cats. Chocolate has caffeine and other harmful ingredients that are poisonous to cats. It is important to keep chocolate away from cats at all times. Do not be tempted to give a cat a nibble of chocolate. If children are around the cat on a regular basis, tell the children to avoid feeding the cat any chocolate. This also goes for anything that contains caffeine. Another sweet food that cats should not be fed is grapes, and raisins. The exact effect these foods may have on cats is not known, but it is known that these foods are harmful to cats.

Another image that is the result of cartoon depictions is that of cats eating fish bones. Conversely, fish bones can actually cause lacerations in the cat's digestive system. Raw fish is also not good for cats. Feeding a cat raw fish on a regular basis can result in a vitamin B deficiency. In more extreme cases, it can cause seizures and even death. Another is raw eggs. Raw eggs are bad for both humans and cats. Raw eggs carry the risk of salmonella.

Plants also carry toxins that are dangerous for cats to come into contact with. Flowers that can be found in the household are often poisonous to cats, and these include tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, Easter lilies, poinsettias, and azaleas. Common effects of ingesting these plants are vomiting, seizures, weakness, cardiac failures and even death. If you are a cat owner, make sure to keep your cat safe.


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