How to choose dog toys 

Just like children, dogs can also use toys to keep them busy and encourage exercise. Choosing dog toys is not an easy task since there is such a large range of toys on the market and one may be confused on which toys are best. Here are some tips to help you choose the best toy for your dog.
Before you start looking for the right toys for your dog, make sure you know the dog’s size, breed, behaviors and chewing habits. With that in mind your search will be easier and exciting. Always have your dog’s safety in mind while making your choice.
Choose a toy that is specifically for dogs. Toys made for other pets or kids may get torn and may not be convenient for your dog. For example, some balls will just get destroyed and may not last long. Try considering the material used to make the toy, that way you will be able to get yourself a long lasting toy for your dog.
The toy should be made of non-toxic materials especially if it’s a chew toy. This is to ensure the health of your dog. Toys made of toxic materials will only cause your dog health issues. Always read labels on toys to find out which materials they are made of.
You also ought to consider the toy’s size as well as your dog's size. Choose a toy that is neither too small since the dog might end up swallowing it, nor too big where the dog will find it difficult to handle the toy.
Choose a toy that encourages exercise and is appeasing to your dog. The dog could use toys like Frisbees and ropes in fetching and tug of war respectively. Such also builds up a good relationship and allows for interaction with humans. These toys are referred to as interactive toys.
Some dogs tend to be heavy chewers, in that case, try choosing toys that are indestructible. Such toys help your dog focus and are also good in training hunting dogs. The material used to make such toys should be tested and confirmed to last well. 
Dogs are known to suffer from separation anxiety. Look for toys that are practical and will relieve your dog from separation anxiety especially when you are not around. These toys should also be able to occupy the dog and relieve boredom. They should be fun to play with.
Look for toys that are easy to wash. They should at least be machine washable. The toys should also be good for your dog's teeth and gums to avoid gum problems and infections.
Try choosing toys that seem to have a longer durability span. Durable and safe toys are always the best choices.

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